Grant Support for Self Caterers

The ASSC has just requested the following urgent clarification from Scottish Government with regard to the grant support for small businesses:

“As an association, the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers fully endorses the measures that you are taking to keep Scotland safe and help our people deal with the impact of the COVID-19 and the industry commits to working with you to that effect.

We appreciate that this is an unprecedented and fast-moving set of circumstances but I am contacting you to seek urgent clarity in relation to the Scottish Government’s support for small business.

We are concerned that self-catering has not been included on the list of businesses who are eligible for the programmes in the Scottish Government Coronavirus Business Support Fund which is being administered by local authorities.

The guidance provided from the UK Government, is explicitly clear that self-catering accommodation is eligible for support. However, this does not appear to be the case in Scotland. We are deeply concerned that councils in Scotland are already interpreting the guidance provided by the Scottish Government to state that self-catering is not eligible for the grants available.

Latest Update

Grant Support: Statement to Members
Created: March 25, 2020
Posted in: Covid-19, Representation, Self-catering Industry

The ASSC is currently engaged in high-level discussions with Scottish Government to ensure that self-caterers in Scotland can access the grant support like our counterparts in the rest of the UK.
We know that it is a very concerning time for you and families as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds.

Please be assured that the ASSC are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that your business is protected and that we can have parity of support with self-caterers in the UK. Having dedicated so much to Scotland’s vital tourism sector over the years, this is what you need and deserve.

We are acting with the utmost urgency to rectify matters and we appreciate your patience. The discussions remain ongoing and we will update you as soon as practically possible.