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Catchacarrot Vegan Pop-up Cafe

Catchacarrot Vegan Pop-up Cafe is a 100% vegan owned food and drink producer, caterer and café operator. Specialising in being the only 100% vegan founded café in Argyll providing homemade, where possible organic, ethical vegan food and philosophy. Outwith the tourist season, Catchacarrot provides homemade takeaway food delivered to your door, including; Indian food, cake boxes, ready meals and Festive Menus. 


Janine from Catchacarrot, Credit: Catchacarrot

Have you got any new dishes at Catchacarrot to promote for this Festive Season?

''Yes, you can see my festive menu for Home Delivery on the Catchacarrot Vegan pop-up Cafe Facebook Page. Where we provide some festive foods to your door, around the Kilmelford Area.''

Festive Menu for 2021 at Catchacarrot, Credit: Catchacarrot

''Catchacarrot vegan pop-up cafe is the only 100% ethical vegan founded cafe in Argyll. They have been at the forefront of promoting veganism in Argyll & the Isles for nearly 10 years. Their ethos is to provide kind, honest homemade food that promotes the least harm and does the best, for the environment and animals. This year, Catchacarrot will be buying preloved gifts which promote sustainability, whilst contributing to local charities.''

What are you most grateful for this season?

''I am grateful for the vegan community and non-vegans for supporting my small business and for choosing compassion this Festive season.''

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

''I am most looking forward to providing homemade, delicious cruelty-free food to my customers in 2022.''

Janine cooking up some delicious meals, Credit: Catchacarrot

Do you have any favourite Festive Traditions?

''My Festive traditions are untraditional, so I don't have any favourites. But I like to keep the celebrations simple, uncomplicated, and healthy.''

What makes Argyll and The Isles so special during Winter?

''The solitude, access to the sea, beaches, woodland, lochs, and glens makes the Festive season in Argyll & the Isles magical for me.''

Woodland Walk in Argyll, Credit: Wild about Argyll & the Isles

- Janine, Catchacarrot