Ascog Bay

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To get there, you can either take a spectacularly scenic walk over the headland from Portavadie, or stroll down the farm track just beyond the entrance to Stillaig Farm, on the road to Portavadie.

Either way, it’s a magical place to spend a sunny day, pottering, paddling and taking the plunge in the clear water. Wait for the tide to come in over the warm sand and enjoy a blissful swim in these protected bays.

The islet of Eilean Aoidhe is joined to the mainland via a narrow isthmus, which separate two shallow bays at Stillaig.

For an even even more secluded dip, cross the isthmus and scramble to the rugged, rocky bay on the southern side of Eilean Aoidhe, where there’s nothing but water to separate you from Sgat Mòr and, on the horizon, Arran.