Historic Kilmun

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Over a thousand years ago, an Irish holy man called Fintan Munnu started one of the first Christian communities in the west of Scotland here. The cell or chapel of Munnu gave the village its name: Kilmun.

Munnu became a Saint, and his reputation made Kilmun an important sacred place. The powerful Campbell clan, who became Lords, Earls and then Dukes of Argyll, adopted it as their spiritual home.They paid priests to pray for their souls, and their dead are buried in a grand mausoleum.

Hundreds of years later, a new church was built to house the tourists who came to Kilmun for its beauty and fresh air. Rich people supported it by paying for colourful stained glass windows instead of prayers. In the churchyard, intriguing gravestones bear witness to the loves, hopes and work of the people who have lived here through the centuries.