Achnabreck Cup and Ring Rocks

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A short forest walk will take you to the Achnabreck Cup and Ring Rocks, the most extensive prehistoric rock carvings in the UK. It’s an easy circular route that also gives lovely views over Lochgilphead towards the Isle of Arran. The rock art at Achnabreck comprises several rocky outcrops with well-preserved earlt pre-historic cup and ring marks. Many of the cups (circular hollows) are surrounded by one or more rings. Additional gutters (grooves) radiate out and downwards from some of the cups. Among the many multiple rings are the largest examples yet discovered – up to nine rings almost one metre across. You’ll find the car park for Achnabreck by taking a signed turn off the A816 to the north of Cairnbaan. Continue along the track for nearly a kilometre until the car park is found off to the right hand side. Mountain bike trails leave from here as well.