Bus Timetables

With a bit of planning you can get around the islands by bus though like most rural areas, the service tends to connect only the villages and operates around school times and holidays.

Simply search by location, transport operator or service number. You will be redirected to www.travelinescotland.com


The Islay bus is operated by B. Mundell Ltd. The timetable for the local bus service on Islay can be viewed here Islay Bus Timetable

Timetables can also be found in the area transport leaflet issued by Argyll & Bute Council.


The Jura Bus is operated by Garelochhead Coaches and travels between Feolin Ferry to Craighouse and north up the island to Inverlussa

Tel: 01436 810200 and view the timetable here. Jura Bus Timetable

By Car

The most practical way to get about is by car especially if time is limited or you want to reach the more remote areas. If you haven’t brought your own vehicle and need to hire a car there are two main outlets on Islay.

  • Islay Car Hire at 01496 810544 call for prices and arranging collection.
  • D&N MacKenzie at 01496 302300 call for prices and arranging collection.


By Bike

Islay is an excellent place to get about by bicycle, whether you bring your own or hire one when you get here. It’s definitely one way to slow down and enjoy the calming effect island life can have on you. Most of the roads are quiet and flat – we do get the odd windy day but in summertime it’s a delight to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

Every Sunday at 10am an informal group of cyclists meet at the Mini Market in Bruichladdich and set off on a scenic social cycle on some of Islay’s scenic roads. All welcome. The group return to the Mini Market for a well earned Tea/Coffee & cake.

Jura is a little bit more hilly and challenging, especially the further north you go but you certainly won’t meet much traffic up there!

Bike Hire

On Islay is available at:

  • Polly Mather, Main Street, Port Charlotte (opposite Port Charlotte Hotel) 01496 850 488
  • Jim Lutomski, 2 Corrsgeir Place, Port Ellen, Website 07760 196592

On Jura available by calling;

  • Michael Varley 07092 180747