Gigha Halibut

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The texture and delicate flavour of halibut makes it a favourite among fish lovers, but wild Atlantic halibut is firmly on the endangered list. Now you can enjoy this delicious fish with a crystal-clear conscience.

Halibut is a tricky fish to farm, but Gigha Halibut is a labour of love. They nurture each of the halibut for four years, pumping fresh, pure water straight from the Sound of Gigha into the tanks to keep the growing fish happy and healthy – and their flesh firm and lean. The fish are 100% organically fed too.

Or how about trying smoked Gigha Halibut? Using whisky-barrel oak chips from the Kilmochan Distillery on neighbouring Islay, the fish is smoked using a centuries-old method.

Gigha Halibut provides halibut to some of the finest chefs the world, as well as local restuarants. You'll find a list of restaurants on the Gigha Halibut website.