Kintyre Smokehouse

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Archie Macmillan M.B.E., a trawler fisherman from the age of 15, founded MacMillan Foods some 30 years ago.


The Kintyre smokehouse was born from one man’s absolute passion for producing fine Scottish seafood and cheese. 

The smokehouse was originally a semi derelict ‘Kipper house’ which Archie brought back to life, and over the years has housed the development of recipes, cures and wood blends that create some truly unique products with distinctive flavours and aromas. These methods and recipes, which contain no additives or colouring, are built on local tradition adapted for the 21st century palate.


Alongside our smoked range, we at MacMillan Foods are no strangers to the fresh seafood market, exporting scallops and other fresh seafood to the EU and S.Africa.


In 2010 we achieved SALSA accreditation and in 2013 we opened purpose built kitchens in which our “value added” products are created by Archie’s wife, Jane. We pride ourselves on our “minimal waste” policy and achieved the Carbon Trust award in 2012.


Our product range and the smokehouse may have changed and diversified over the years but our philosophy of hand crafting products, using only the finest quality ingredients, have remained the same.


With Archie at the Helm we have a have a friendly and dedicated team that work closely  with one another to to produce the succulent flavours found in all of our products. Our products can be purchased from our "Fish Shop" on Longrow South, Campbeltown, The Smokehouse, on-line or just give us a call!


Last year Archie’s was awarded the M.B.E. for “services to the Scottish Seafood Industry.”