Arrochar Alps and The Cobbler

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The Arrochar Alps is by far the most spectacular mountain range in the southern Highlands. The most popular hill within this group is Ben Arthur, commonly known as The Cobbler, which is located near the head of Loch Long. At 884 metres (2,900ft) in height it's only a Corbett, but it still has an impressive summit and is also the most important site for rock climbing in the area. The views from the top are stunning. The most common route starts from the village of Succoth, at the head of Loch Long. The path zig-zags up the hillside to give a gentle ascent through an area of forestry. This path meets up with the old tramway path and continues from there following a burn. From here the path bypasses the Narnain Boulders, steepening at around 600 metres (2,000 ft). Nearer the top, the path flattens out at a mountain pass. Several peaks may be accessed from this point.