Historic Kilbride

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The first written reference to Kilbride is to be found in the historical document Origines Parochiale Scotia (OPS). OPS tells us that in 1249 Alexander II “granted the see of Argyll the Parish Church of St Bride the Virgin in Lorn”.  There are some 319 known graves at Kilbride, dating from as far back as the 13th century to the present day.

The histories of Scotland, the island of Kerrera, Kilbride and Clan MacDougall are inextricably linked.  Legend has is that in the 5th century the Celtic St Bride sent Christian missionaries from Ireland to the West Coast of Scotland.  It is thought that some form of church structure has existed at Kilbride since that time.

The existing structure dates from 1706.  The adjacent MacDougall burial aisle dates from 1786 and contains both Medieval and more modern funerary monuments.  MacDougall clan chiefs, admirals and men of the cloth all lie here in this historic “Kirk in the Glen”