Gigha Halibut

Gigha Halibut

Gigha Halibut specialise in the artisan production of sustainable Scottish Atlantic Halibut.

Wild Halibut is now listed as an endangered species. Gigha Halibut offers an alternative source of halibut which helps reduce the pressure on the endangered wild stocks of halibut in the sea.

Fresh Halibut : We sell our fresh fish to fish merchants in the UK, EU and US who in turn supply some of the finest restaurants, where the world’s top chefs prepare Gigha Halibut in a variety of mouth-watering ways for you to enjoy.

In retail Gigha Halibut features on the wet fish counter of Selfridges as well as many good fishmongers so that you can enjoy fresh Gigha Halibut at home.

You can also buy our Halibut from The Fish Society who deliver all over the UK and Europe too.

Smoked Halibut: you can order the smoked halibut directly from our online shop:

Smoked to order, your fish is carefully selected and harvested. It is allowed to rest and the fillets cured for a day, they are then traditionally smoked using oak chips made from whisky barrels from the Kilchoman Distillery on Islay.

The Islay malt whiskies are known for their peaty aromas and bring the best out in Smoked Gigha Halibut.

The combination of quality fresh halibut, whisky barrel smoke and the skill of our artisan smoker results in a truly amazing product, perfect for those landmark celebrations in life.

It is an absolute delicacy and a real treat for your discerning guests.

We smoke the halibut to order to ensure the product reaches you in the best possible condition, we therefore would advise you to order at least a week in advance of that very special occasion, so please don’t leave your orders to the last minute to avoid disappointment.



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