Gigha Halibut

Gigha Halibut

Gigha Halibut, based on the beautiful Scottish island of Gigha, we specialise in the artisan production of sustainable Scottish Atlantic halibut.

Atlantic halibut is now recognised as an endangered species. Gigha halibut offers the discerning customer an alternative to the wild caught Halibut.

Our focus is on sustainability and our lovingly hand reared, organically fed halibut ensure that the natural stocks of this very special fish are not depleted.

Please browse this site to find out more about our halibut, its provenance, the intricacies of rearing it, the island it comes from and what the worlds best chefs say about our fish and their recipes.
We are proud of the way we raise our fish and our aim is to produce 'happy halibut', we believe if the fish are happy then the customer will be happy and if the customer is happy then everyone is happy.

All Gigha Halibut are fed with a certified organic diet using 100% fish trimmings as a source of protein and organic vegetable products as a source of carbohydrate. Therefore no pressure is placed on the global fisheries used for sourcing fish meal.

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