Fraser & Nikki, Shellfield Farm, Cowal

Fraser & Nikki, Shellfield Farm, Cowal

From the craggy hills of Glendaruel to the nutrient rich saltmarshes of the Cowal peninsula, sheep and cattle have been roaming free and foraging from nature’s larder for over 100 years. Reared on a diet of wild grass, heather and berries combined with essential salts and minerals from natural tidal marshes, Shellfield Farm meat is beautifully tender and offers a uniquely satisfying taste.

Nikki and Fraser Brown believe that Scottish food should showcase quality, provenance, sustainability and traceability, and these values lie at the core of their business. ​So whether you’re looking for a great quality homecooked ready meal, catering services or butchered cuts of lamb or beef, Shellfield Farm has something to tantalise every taste bud. 

Meet the Local - Shellfield Farm, Cowal

When did your farm diversify into tourism and in what way?

Well, we took over the farm 8 years ago and there was no diversifying taking place. We then found an opportunity to sell our lamb and then turned to event catering 4 years in. Since then, we’ve reinvested in the brand and built our own commercial kitchen and butchery on site.

How has this benefited the farm as a business overall?

We’ve been able to really get the message out about sustainably farmed meat and have strongly been advocating for grass fed meat. I’ve also been able to turn my passion of being home cook into my own chef a reality.

What part of tourism do you love the most?

Educating people and showing them our farm is one of our favourite aspects. With veganism continuing to grow, we think it’s so important to show our visitors how we are able to sustainably farm and help the environment. I think farms like ours need more representation - there is lots of misconceptions out there about the meat and dairy industry.

How did lockdown impact on the tourism aspect of your business?

Without the events we haven’t be an able to cater in that sense, but prior to lockdown we were getting ready to launch our very own ready meals, so that worked out well as we’ve been wanting to do it for a while. It really allowed us to get established with the great local market.

Tell me about the GoRural live farm visit?

We had a really good experience. We showed people around the farm and into our new commercial kitchen. It’s been really interesting seeing how other people have diversified their businesses; I think it is these ones that will survive (hopefully!).

How are things going now lockdown is lifting?

Now that we’ve established our ready meals, it’s really becoming a growing market as people are going back to work and we have tourists visiting. Lockdown has given us a realistic view of the local market and we’ve had a very positive experience. We’re all about provenance, we’re spreading the message about good meat and traceability. People are starting to wake up to small local producers who have kept going during all of this - we haven’t gone anywhere.

Taste Argyll - Shellfield Farm Farm2Fork Ready Meals

Shellfield Farm produces high-qualify frozen farm2fork ready meals, showcasing their great home cooking using quality local ingredients, including their own meat. The ready meals do not contain any additives or preservatives and are frozen straight after cooking to lock in all the flavours and nutrients. For a full menu and a list of stockist as well as delivery options visit the Shellfield Farm website