Frazer, Tiree Sea Tours

Lockdown has really given us the chance to look at the long-term picture and how we can begin venturing into new territories, especially with the foreign visitors. Since starting up again my phone never stops ringing, it’s been the busiest August we’ve had and we’re also looking at opening our gift shop in Tiree airport in the next few weeks.

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Cruise Loch Lomond

Stuart, Cruise Loch Lomond

We’ve been focussed on a concept called ‘Blue Health and Space’ which addresses the advantages of being on, around or near water. So we’re really pushing this in our marketing communications going forward and are looking to support charities like Alzheimer Scotland with this.

Iain Jurgensen

Iain, Portavadie

We’ve really had to diversify our business since covid. We recognised early on that the spa and pools aspect would be heavily affected which is a core part of our business. So, we then looked at other possible revenues to get people staying overnight and have built an RV park and campsite, which is due to open mid-August.

Lynn Lynnlabels

Lynn, Lynnlabels

I actually got evicted from my old premises during lockdown, so I spent my time moving out of there into my new café in Bellmore. In between, I was making afternoon tea every Saturday, this became very popular, lots of people from the mainland ordered them as surprise gifts for their friends and families here. It was really great seeing their reactions.

Wild Thyme Spirit LS

Eileen, Wild Thyme Spirits

Since we had to close during lockdown, we’ve been coming up with lots of new ways to get creative. We’ve launched a new product called Cait Sith which generated a lot of interest online and we then had two free colouring book competitions (images of their bottles) where you could win bottles of our very own gin. We had a huge response and we’re now looking at launching our own jigsaws, or Ginsaws as we like to call them, based on our

Sarah Bakery

Sarah, Little Bespoke Bakery

We’ve been so busy doing major renovations on the café, it was heart breaking when we went into lockdown and we couldn’t open the café after all the effort that was put in. Last week we had a soft launch and it was monumental the amount of people that showed up to support us - it was just overwhelming!

Sally Tobermoryfish

Sally, Tobermory Fish

We have actually saw a real spike on our e-commerce site since launching. This is something we’ll continue to do post lockdown and even deliver to the likes of holiday cottages, hotels etc to encourage not having to queue outside the shop as it’s a one in one out system.

Rhonda Interview


I set up my an online free directory for businesses in the area, this then grew into a digital marketplace for businesses who perhaps were not set up online due to the high barrier fees. So far, we have 450 businesses listed on the website with 100 using for online marketing and over 1,000 products.