Cara, Wilder Ways

Cara, Wilder Ways

How have you (your business) gone the extra mile during lockdown or post-lockdown?

Offering flexibility to make sure we can accommodate everyone. We’ve been working hard to make sure people can still enjoy their holidays and put their minds as ease. It’s also been a good time for doing things we wouldn’t normally do and sit back and really appreciate the small things.


What have you missed most about not being open over the last three months?

The income. I think people think tens of thousands are getting lost during lockdown but realistically its in the hundreds of thousands. We’ve got horses to keep well and fed and just before lockdown we had spent a fortune re-shoeing the horses. The uncertainty from the government has cost us dearly.

What have you learned about your community during this time?

There’s been mixed emotions. A lot of the locals have been phenomenal at supporting us and buying vouchers for next year. However, there has also been a lot of backlash and naivety, which has been very frustrating.

What do you love most about living and working here?

The space and the wilderness. People in the area are also very friendly and smiley, it’s a real hard-working community.

Any special stories about someone or a business in your area that has gone that extra mile during lockdown that makes you smile?

We have great neighbours, but one in particular was volunteering in the area and would be picking up prescriptions and doing deliveries - and each time he’d take round a bar of chocolate or sweets, it was really lovely. It’s the little things that really put a smile on your face. We’ve also been sharing our produce we grow in our gardens, it takes it back to being old school.

Your favourite hidden secret spot or activity in Argyll and the Isles?

Riding on South End is lovely - there’s beaches and hills. I’d suggest going a walk up Kintyre, you get a view right across the peninsula and on a clear day you get the best views of Islay and Gigha to the West and Arran to the East.

Three words to sum up how you're feeling now that we're out of lockdown?

Refreshed, reconnected and energised.