Laura, Aray Fish/Fynest Fish

Laura, Aray Fish/Fynest Fish

How have you (your business) gone the extra mile during lockdown or post-lockdown?

When lockdown was announced we knew we had to think quick to reach our customers in a safe and contactless manner. We closed for three weeks to plan and re-think our diversification process.

Our relatives in Dumfries & Galloway with a similar business style had come up with a user-friendly platform selling online so with careful advice from them we cracked on! This brought a whole new way of purchasing for us, and of course a new found method of buying for our lockdown customer. We shared considerable expenses for the set-up of this ambitious transformation, some of which are still on-going to continue to adhere to changing regulations.

We also had to re-think packaging, transport, routes and how we could help customers with no access to internet. We had to consider how we would spread the word of this available service and found Facebook was a useful way of targeting traffic directly to our new websites. Images and new product lines had to be devised quickly and we literally set the whole lot up in a matter of days then hoped for the best.

What have you learned about your community during this time?

Our community have been amazing! As key workers, we experienced the fear of the pandemic ourselves but the community support kept us going. The message ‘shop local’ really has been embedded in the minds of locals since March and we have seen neighbours helping each other. Family members have been waving to elderly relatives at windows and everyone has really supported each other through to this stage. Customers appreciated our efforts to transform our trading method and we greatly appreciate their loyalty even as lockdown has lifted.

What do you love most about living and working here?

We love the community sprit that’s come of this pandemic. Argyll is a beautiful part of the world and we are proud to have roots here.

Any special stories about someone or a business in your area that has gone that extra mile during lockdown that makes you smile?

Fynest Fish & Aray Fish of course, it’s been an interesting journey!

Your favourite hidden secret spot or activity in Argyll and the Isles?

West Highland Wildlife Tours offer fab day/evening entertainment. Quadmania in Blairmore is also a great way getting dirty and try something different.

Three words to sum up how you're feeling now that we're out of lockdown?

Motivated, Hopeful & Glad.