Sue, Glenarn Gardens

Sue, Glenarn Gardens

How have you (your business) gone the extra mile during lockdown or post-lockdown?

I’ve actually really enjoyed it, we’ve been doing a lot of garden maintenance in the beautiful weather and I’ve noticed a lot more wildlife and birds over this time. It’s strange not having visitors through our peak season but it’s allowed us to focus on our vegetable garden and lots of other things.

What have you missed most about not being open over the last three months?

Spring is our busiest months. I missed the sound of people walking round and exploring the garden. We did however, let locals use the garden for their daily exercise during lockdown, ensuring they complied to social distancing measures.

What have you learned about your community during this time?

I think every community needs to be nurtured which is why I run the village hall. We’ve made the most of what wonderful assets we have. It was like being on our own island, we have so much space around us.

What do you love most about living and working here?

The wonderful rain! But truthfully, the climate is brilliant from a gardeners point of view, it’s really brilliant for growing things.

Any special stories about someone or a business in your area that has gone that extra mile during lockdown that makes you smile?

There’s been a huge number of things happening in the community, one that comes to mind is the local church which was closed during lockdown. A prayer gate was then created where people left lots of ribbons for one another wishing them well.

Your favourite hidden secret spot or activity in Argyll and the Isles?

I am recently back from Iona which is lovely, there’s hardly any people. We stayed at St Columba Hotel which has the most wonderful garden where they grow lots of fresh produce, we’ve gone there for many years. I also love the Rosneath peninsula for swimming.

Three words to sum up how you're feeling now that we're out of lockdown?

Take it gently.