Will Smith, Sugarboat Restaurant

Will Smith, Sugarboat Restaurant

How have you (your business) gone the extra mile during lockdown or post-lockdown?

All the team were furloughed apart from myself and I turned the business into a delivery only unit delivering to thirsty locals and regulars. This grew into the supply of coffee beans, artisan chocolate bars, sacks of flour and cheeses – it was quite a logistical challenge and it turns out I am not the most efficient delivery boy!

What have you missed most about not being open over the last three months?

The contact with my brilliant team and all the banter. Seeing and chatting with our wonderful regulars and visitors alike, I love hearing their stories of life, troubles and victories. Hospitality is in my blood.

What have you learned about your community during this time?

We’re a tight-knit town who are very proud of their community and facilities. Everyone was keen to get out and help where they could. The importance of the local independent facilities was a priority to locals and more so now than ever before.

What do you love most about living and working here?

In addition to the above, the location. I have the ease of access into Glasgow when needed but only 10 minutes north and I am in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by stunning nature and scenery. Both hill and water are easily accessible and a sheer joy. The clean air, the birdsong, the glimpse of a deer!

Any special stories about someone or a business in your area that has gone that extra mile during lockdown that makes you smile?

A rainbow painted on the side of a house around the corner from my home overlooking a care home – heart-warming affection and respect of the elderly.

Your favourite hidden secret spot or activity in Argyll and the Isles?

Cycling is a passion of mine and Glen Douglas is a beauty - the climb in gets the heart beating. The empty road through and the exiting onto stunning Loch Lomond – world class scenery on my doorstep.

Three words to sum up how you're feeling now that we're out of lockdown?

Apprehensive, motivated, cautious.