Alan and Brenda, returning to their caravan at Tayvallich with their dog


Is a Staycation a new thing for you?

No, we have our own caravan so we tend to go away every few weeks. It’s great fun especially when the kids were younger. This time we decided to have more of a culinary trip and ate the freshest seafood across Argyll.

Who are you travelling with and why?

My wife and our cocker spaniel, Cosmo.

Is this your first time visiting here or have you been to Argyll and the Isles before?

It’s not our first time, we’ve travelled around Argyll quite a bit to places like Crinan, Lochgilphead and Brenda visits a great yoga retreat once a year up near Kilmartin.

What have you done in the last 24 hours?

We’ve been fishing, visiting the beautiful countryside and going on the most amazing walks with Cosmo around Crinan Canal and through the woodlands. He loved it!

What have you missed most about travelling over lockdown?

We tend to go to the caravan often near to our home in Helensburgh but due to covid we’ve missed the summer season there and the park closes in winter so we only have a few months left to enjoy this year.

Where do you most want to visit in Argyll that you’ve not been to before?

We’d love to visit Gigha and later this month I’m going a golfing trip to a small village outside of Campbeltown.

Did you discover a hidden spot or visit any new places?

We discovered a beach north of Oban called Ganavan Sands, it goes on for miles and there was great wee coffee hut and cycle trails.

How did you feel before and after visiting?

As we were staying in our own caravan we didn’t feel anxious, I’d say we felt reassured and excited. The journey itself was lovely and we didn’t have to spend a lot of money most of the planning went into getting our favourite seafood restaurants booked.