Fiona and Ali, on night away without at Pierhouse Hotel


Is a Staycation a new thing for you?

Staycations aren’t a new thing for us. We have 6 children and see no reason to go anywhere else. There’s so much on offer and each time you go away it feels like your miles and miles away.

I think you’d be mad to go travelling abroad whilst this pandemic is going on.

Who are you travelling with and why?

My husband, it was a much-needed time for us to relax, and not travel far from our home in Argyll.

Is this your first time visiting here or have you been to Argyll and the Isles before?

We’ve lived in the area for 18 years and travel around all the time, each time and place feels different.

What have you done in the last 24 hours?

Although we had a relaxing holiday, we also had lots of activities, running, going out on the bikes and long walks. We thoroughly enjoyed staying in the hotel and drinking lots of gin & tonics!

What have you missed most about travelling over lockdown?

I travel a lot for work so getting to travel for pleasure has been a great escapism.

Where do you most want to visit in Argyll that you’ve not been to before?

It would be great to go to Ostel Bay near Tighnabruiach for the white stunning beaches.

Did you discover a hidden spot or visit any new places?

We went on lovely walks near Port Appin and Benderloch, and got to see lots of beautiful waterfalls.

How did you feel before and after visiting?

Not anxious at all as I knew where we were going was super trustworthy. It exceeded all my expectations, great food and appreciated that management kept things super calm. It’s a stressful time for everyone at the moment but the staff seemed well trained and supported.