The Sunset Trail

There's a good chance that just by looking west at the right time of day and in the right weather conditions, you'll catch a fantastic sunset in Argyll. But some locations can elevate the spectacle to the next level. Our Sunset sites offer silhouetted islands and headlands, reflective waters and perhaps a nearby pub to warm up in afterwards!

Pay attention to the season to catch the best sunsets. In mid-summer the sun doesn’t set in Argyll until after 10pm, whereas in mid-winter it sets before 4pm.

Please be mindful of local residents, livestock and wildlife when visiting a site at sunset or after dark by staying quiet and respecting local guidance. Don’t forget to bring a torch, suitable footwear and warm clothing. 

Looking for an extra special sunset experience?

Take a look at our directory of businesses and organisations who can help make your evening exceptional.

Know the Scottish Outdoor Access Code before you go. 

Dark Skies

Missed the sunset? Why not check out our Dark Skies sites and directory?

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