Coll RSPB Reserve

Coll RSPB Reserve

This beautiful RSPB reserve on the south west end of the Island of Coll is 1075 ha of white beaches, sand dunes, machair grassland and moorland.

The reserve is a key site in the Corncrake Recovery Programme. Present from April to September, corncrakes are easy to hear – their rasping call going on all night. The reserve is also a haven for wintering geese, breeding waders and farmland birds. There’s an information bothy and a corncrake viewing platform.

What will you see?

  • Barnacle goose: Large numbers of barnacle geese arrive on Coll in the autumn.

  • Corncrake: Listen in spring and summer for the repetitive, rasping call of the male corncrake.

  • Lapwing: Watch the nesting lapwings here chasing predators that may come too close to their nests.

  • Redshank: keep an eye out for the redshanks' towering display flights over the wet meadows in spring.

  • White-fronted goose: Wite-fronted geese which breed in Greenland migrate to Coll for winter.

Getting There

There are three suggested walking routes leading from the two car parks and ranger-led walks are available.

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