Kyles of Bute Golf Course Walks

Kyles of Bute Golf Course Walks

There are several lovely walks that start at the Kyles of Bute Golf Course above Kames

Start your from the Kames Post Office and walk up the road to Portavadie and past the Police Station. Take your first left up the track to the side of the last houses as you leave the village. Turn left and walk on with properties on your right until you reach the golf clubhouse. Here you will find a stile at the gate and will see the track opening out in front of you. You’re about to cross the golf course so be aware that golfers may be playing across the track you are about to walk across!

The track then twists left and then right with the golf course on your left. Just as you leave the course you will come to the start of a section of deciduous trees and you will see the start of a path leading down into the trees. This is the path known locally as the Green Lane and is your route back to the shore. 

The path meanders gradually downhill through some lovely birch woodland and brings you out at a large concrete area on the shore road. This is known locally as the tank slip and is where the army parked tanks and armed vehicles during World War 2 when this area was used by troops to practise techniques and manoeuvres for the D-Day landings in France. Nowadays, the tank slip is used by visitors to launch their day sailing boats and park up their trailers.

You now have a walk back along the shore road to Kames. If you walk right along the road you’ll reach the Kames Hotel. Reward yourself with a drink , a seat in the sunshine and a spot of lunch.

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