Moine Mhor National Nature Reserve

Moine Mhor National Nature Reserve

While you are out and about, please take extra care to follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

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Moine Mhor National Nature Reserve (NNR) is a bogland showpiece. It’s a wild landscape of hummocks, hollows and pools, where glistening dragonflies dance and graceful hen harriers hunt. This ‘Great Moss’ forms the wild heartland of Kilmartin Glen.

Raised bogs like Moine Mhor are among Europe’s most threatened habitats. They are home to plants and animals specially adapted to thrive in these water-logged conditions.

Fringed by tidal flats, saltmarsh, fen, alder carr and ancient oak woodland, this transition of habitats adds to the reserve’s rich diversity of wildlife. Coastal birds, otters and the rare marsh fritillary butterfly all make their home here. In winter, hen harriers roost on the moss.

There are several ways to enjoy the reserve. Why not climb the ancient hill fort at Dunadd to get a bird’s-eye view, or take a stroll along the Crinan canal? Closer to the car park, enjoy a picnic before exploring the wooded Tileworks Trail.

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In autumn the reserve is dominated by the deep red tones of sphagnum moss, soaking up water like a sponge. Older than many of the standing stones in the surrounding glen, Moine Mhor has locked many years of history into its layers of peat. It's best viewed from the road close to Crinan Canal. There's a picnic area, a short woodland trail and a wooden walkway.

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