Thank-You From AITC!

Thank-You From AITC!


 As the year draws to a close you are no doubt contemplating the year that has been and wondering what the new year will bring, there is no doubt that uncertainty will remain for the first half of the year. And it is this uncertainty that can drive innovation “The future is uncertain… but this uncertainty is at the very heart of human creativity.” – Ilya Prigogine, Nobel prize winner. Across our destination, there have been many examples of how tourism businesses have found innovative solutions to staffing issues, lockdowns and restrictions. We will showcase these examples in our new skills webinars ‘WAA Presents’ which will start in the New Year.  Our sector is incredibly resilient and resourceful and will remain so into 2022.

So from that being said...

What are Our AITC Team most grateful for this year and what are they most looking forward to this festive season?

''This year I am most grateful for being given the opportunity to join the AITC Team as content and campaign Executive. I am also thankful for having society return back to some sort of normality, to be able to live life freely again. This Festive Season I am looking forward to gathering with family and friends to spend the Christmas season together. I am also looking forward  to welcoming 2022 in with open arms and I can't wait to see what new opportunities it will bring'' - Shannon

''I'm grateful for the fun times paddle-boarding with my family on Loch Lomond and Loch Fyne this year. I am most looking forward to my mums Oatmeal stuffing - its the best part of the meal!'' - Lynne

''I am most grateful for being about to spend time with my friends and family back home. My family has this tradition of sending all relatives home after the Christmas dinner – which we have on the 24th as I am German – to cuddle up on the couch and watch the Lord of The Rings trilogy. We all wear our matching Christmas PJs and the dogs and cats are all cuddled up with us as well. It is by far my favourite tradition!'' - Lara

''I am most grateful for our Family and friends! Along with work pals of course And the hope of being able to spend time with them over the festive period. My Tradition on Christmas Day is Christmas Day breakfast wraps - although I think it’s my turn to make them this year sadly. Probably not great that I’m really looking forward to the food… but anyone that says they aren’t is probably lying. Mainly looking forward to hanging out with the family, wearing a dodgy Christmas jumper and trying to make it through Call The Midwife Christmas Special because my gran insists we watch it every year.'' - Karen

A little advice & what's to come...

I encourage our members to reach out to each other and your membership bodies for the support that you need in the coming months. Our own AITC team has achieved much in this last year; we are delivering 4 different campaigns to showcase our fantastic destination; the website is being significantly improved using insights about what our visitors are looking for and content from yourselves and our Community Engagement Agents.  Events in Argyll & the Isles can now be readily distributed across multiple channels through our new partnership with The List and we are building a number of new products that will showcase our destination in ways it has not been presented before.  With more than 200,000 visitors to our website this year alone, our destination is of significant interest to our domestic and international visitors and in 2022 we will be building interest further through the travel trade. We must continue to inspire visitors to enjoy our destination of the Argyll & the Isles safely and responsibly, and we look forward to working with you collaboratively to achieve this throughout 2022.  
AITC Christmas Night Out, Credit: AITC Team

From myself, the AITC team and our board, we would like to wish you all a safe and happy festive period & all the best for 2022!

- Cathy, CEO & the AITC Team