Supplier/Trade Business Data Capture Form (Associate Member)

Tell us all about your business so we can share with visitors on our new upcoming website.

AITC is launching a new website in early 2023. As an associate member via your local DMO or sectoral group - we would like you to complete a new business listing form in order to be listed in a directory on the relevant areas of our website.

As an associate member of Wild About Argyll, you will have a limited business listing as shown below. We are taking the opportunity to collect additional data about your business in case you decide to become a direct member of AITC.

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Business Tel Number
  • Heading
  • Brief Description Text
  • Header Image
  • Logo

If you are interested in becoming a direct member, we will present all your business information on the website, across multiple pages. You will also be able to update your information live on the website, as often as you like. Find out more about membership >


  • This will take between 5 - 10 mins to complete
  • Best to do this on desktop, rather than mobile or tablet
  • Please read full form before you start to fill in so you can look out suitable images and content in advance
  • Look out your best images and save, ready to upload at one time
  • If you have multiple businesses, within the same category (i.e 3 cottages, in 3 different locations) you will need to complete the form 3 times. One for each.
  • If you have multiple business, across various categories (i.e 1 accommodation, and 1 visitor attraction) then please submit a form for each relevant category.

If you need any help with completing this form, please contact our digital team >


About Your Supplier / Trade Business
Your visitor facing business name
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Please enter a full URL including https://
Please enter a full URL including https://
Please enter a full URL including https://
Please tick the region(s) your business operates in

More About Your Business
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When You Are Open
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Your Wild About Argyll Webpage Content
Max 10 words, to attract attention of reader
Max 10 words, try not to repeat text from headline
50-200 words of engaging text to describe your business. Think what will inspire the reader to book with you.
Your best image to showcase your business. high resolution (300dpi), jpg format, in a landscape format at approx. 2000 pixels wide.
Please upload maximum of 10. Please add your images to a folder, then upload. Your best images to showcase your business. High resolution (300dpi), jpg format preferred. File Size; min 1mb, max 10mb.
Offers to Share?
If you can give any special offers to Wild About Argyll members, such as % discounts, services, access to events or products etc, please note the detail here.