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Small Group, hands-on sailing with world leading skippers.

SMALL GROUPS With a maximum group size of six people, each trip is uniquely personalized and flexible. We contact every guest before joining to discover what sailing experience you have and what you want to get out of the trip. Perhaps you want to learn celestial navigation, build miles, or maybe just experience the majesty of an ocean voyage - whatever your needs, we will adapt things to make sure you have an amazing time. It’s all about you and us adapting to what you want. LEADING SKIPPERS Wavysail skippers are some of the most experienced sailors in the world. To lead our epic voyages requires a minimum of 1/2 million miles of sailing experience - that’s equivalent to 10x around the world, each! Explorers, sailing world record holders and, above all, skippers with a passion for the sea. Be reassured you are in safe, capable hands and an incredible learning experience HANDS-ON SAILING Our trips are not cruises. We encourage you to get involved in every aspect of sailing - you can learn to menu plan for an Atlantic crossing, understand how and when to reef sails, how to navigate by the stars - you will do it all - some bits you will love and some parts may be challenging - we will guide you through it all and you will form friendships for life through a shared adventure.


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