Kilberry Stones

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This fine collection of late-medieval sculptured stones gathered from the Kilberry estate is well worth a visit. The collection comprises three early Christian grave-slabs, all incised with crosses, eight late-medieval West Highland grave-slabs, eight late-medieval cross fragments (including the Kilberry Cross, and another depicting a kneeling female with a rosary), and seven simpler grave-slabs dating from the 1500s and 1600s. The Kilberry Cross is 1 metre high. One face shows three figures – a mounted warrior on a rearing horse at the bottom, a cleric wearing robes and mitre in the centre, with one hand raised in benediction and the other holding an archbishop’s staff, and part of a second robed figure at the top. The other face is decorated with intricate leaf scroll looping around a pair of back-to-back, prancing lions at the base of a cross. The B8024, which loops around the Kilberry penisula, is a stunning drive. The stones are near the fabulous Kilberry Inn, so you could combine your visit with lunch.