Dunoon Forward

Dunoon Forward is your on-the-move heritage guide to the Dunoon area. Featuring over 50 locations, 5 trails and a host of family friendly activities that create a fun way to explore Dunoon and the coastal communities of Bullwood, Kirn and Hunters Quay.

Dunoon Forward has been developed in collaboration with local people and organisations, who have co-created content and shared fascinating insights into the social and cultural history of place. You can follow trails or simply use Dunoon Forward as a digital guide to the heritage of Dunoon, Kirn, Bullwood, Hunter’s Quay and Sandbank.

Dunoon Forward apps are packed full of images and information about historic features ranging from monuments and buildings to more hidden local sites.

Learn about Dunoon Castle and the story behind the striking Castle House.
Read the shocking story of the bloody Dunoon Massacre.
Discover our lost coastal Lidos, the history of local piers and the complex history of the Jim Crow rock.
Find out about the boat builders of Sandbank and the community’s many connections to the sea, including some of the rich history of war time operations on Holy Loch and the American Years.

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