Auchnasaul Farm

Auchnasaul Farm

We are a small family farm on the west coast just 9 miles south of Oban looking out onto the islands of Seil, Luing, Torsa, Scarba and many more!

From our small herd of Highland and Highland Cross cows we produce high quality, artisan beef with as much care and attention as possible.

Our breeding cows roam free all year round, grazing the low lying "inbye" fields in the summer so they can look after their calves and romance with Dakota, the Simmental Bull.

In the winter we bring the calves and yearlings inside to give them shelter and we let the cows out onto the beautiful Creag Uillean hill, where they can romp through the heather and find shelter in the woods. Our beef cattle are fattened on grass in the summer and in the winter they are fed hay, straw and "distillers draff", a wonderful, nutritious leftover from the production of Single Malt Whisky, no wonder our cows look happy all the time!

When they are ready the cattle are hand picked by Euan and taken to our local mini abattoir on the Isle of Mull where they are treated individually and with respect.

After 28 days hanging (for maturation and tenderness) the beef is cut and vacuum packed to our exact specification. Our Breeding Philosophy - we cross our Highland cows to another beef breed to take advantage of hybrid vigour (remember O-grade Biology?).

We end up with meatier calves that grow a wee bit quicker than the pure Highland calves. By doing this we believe we are getting the best of all worlds, dense beef with good marbling, slightly faster growth and a bigger, better carcass.

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