Food from Argyll

In one of most scarcely populated areas of Scotland with landscapes and seascapes as diverse as anywhere in Europe, a group of passionate Food from Argyll producers strive to bring good food to their customers, working, learning and conversing together to achieve common goals and a unique quality of life. Meet a few of them here, then come and visit us in Argyll.

Cheese from Argyll

From islands to coastal pastures, producing cheese on the west coast of Scotland requires skill, knowledge and experience. Meet the Food from Argyll experts using these age old skills in a modern world.

Fish from Argyll

Using time tested traditions, the smokehouses and aquaculture experts based in this unique coastland area produce wonderful smoked and fresh fish. Find out why their fish is renowned throughout the world for its quality and flavour.

Meat from Argyll

Beef, lamb and venison sourced from the diverse landscape of Argyll on the west coast of Scotland. Meet the Food From Argyll hill farmers and game keepers working and living in this beautiful but challenging environment.

Views of Argyll