Tiree Tea

Unique tea blends inspired by the Isle of Tiree.

“Drink in the magic of the Hebrides”

Tiree Tea is a private tea label based in the Isle of Tiree. The unique blends and their labels have been inspired and developed with the language, stories, culture, plants and animals of the Hebrides in mind – and we very much hope you will taste that authenticity in every cup.

There are currently 4 blends available from Tiree Tea.

Crofter Breakfast Tea

Gneiss Earl Grey

Tilley Mint and Nettle Herbal Infusion

Machair Herbal Infusion

All four blends are available in retail packs of 20 teabags, and as catering packs of 100 or 250 teabags. Crofter and Gneiss are available as enveloped teabags for hotel use.

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