Wee Isle Dairy

Wee Isle Dairy

A family-owned and run business, making artisan ice cream, and bottling the delicious fresh whole milk from their cows. They are the only commercial dairy in Scotland that pasteurise their milk using the old-fashioned low temperature protocol which was commonly used until the supermarkets came along in the 1970’s.

Based at Tarbert Farm on the Isle of Gigha on the south west coast of Scotland, they have been in commercial production since early 2017, but have developed their current 11 flavours of ice cream over the past 4 years. Both their milk and ice cream can be found in shops across Argyll and beyond. Wee Isle Dairy is also producing their own ice cream sauces now as well.

Tarbert Farm is run by Emma Rennie Dennis and her brother Mark Rennie, where they milk roughly 60 cows. Their family have had the leasehold of the farm since 1968.

Tel: 01583 505 400
Tarbert Farm, Isle of Gigha, PA41 7AA

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