Food Tourism Ambassador

Emma Clark, Glenegedale House

Along with my husband Graeme, we took over our 5 star guesthouse and have set about giving our guests the best possible experience of the island. Not only through the wealth of activities and access to some of the most stunning natural assets in the world, but by gently connecting visitors to the island through its food and drink.

Making that connection goes beyond just having a great experience, it connects visitors to the destination’s people and this is where the sweet spot of food tourism lies – the joy of culinary experiences rooted in emotional connections to the people behind them.

Food Tourism

Culinary tourism is such a huge thing and to be honest always has been. At Glenegedale House, we always have focused on creating experiences for our guests which make their holiday and time here more memorable and helps them make memories to treasure forever, or at least until they return to make more.

The use of local produce and the stories behind our suppliers and their produce we serve to our guests makes everything more special.

Scotland has the best larder in the world and our guests recognise our responsible sourcing, as we can trace everything they are eating and tell you where and when it was landed, caught, grown or foraged. This ensures all guests feel good about the sustainability of dishes and they gain even more enjoyment from each mouthful.

Our seafood platters are out of this world, with the lobster, langoustine and crab all landed five miles away at 5pm and on the plate at 7pm. The scallops are hand dived for at noon and with us by 2pm, again eaten that evening.

Scottish Food & Drink

For us personally, using local produce and creating an experience out of every meal we serve whether that is breakfast, a picnic lunch or our amazing evening meals and seafood or game platters make us feel proud when we walk out the kitchen with each and every plate.

So, on behalf of those working hard in our kitchens and dining rooms, we hope our larder and dishes put smiles on faces and you enjoy an all-round happy visit to Argyll and the Isles and you love our wonderful food and drink.


Glenegedale House