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Fèis Ìle - The Islay Festival

Fèis Ìle - The Islay Festival - is a gathering of whisky and Islay fans from across the globe. In the last week of May, we celebrate Islay, her culture and her spirit, in a ten day event that defines the whisky calendar. Distillery Days Each distillery has their own open day where they put on tastings, tours, music entertainment and much more! Each has their own unique festival atmosphere, and fantastic range of whiskies and more! Fèis Nights The Fèis Ìle Committee also host a wide range of events: ceilidh's, Folk Nights, whisky nosings, the epic First and Final Flings and much more. We focus on the music and the culture, providing a perfect Islay experience. Why visit Fèis Ìle? We have a saying on Islay, "Come for the whisky, return for the island". Whether it's the whisky or the festival atmosphere that draws you here, you are bound to be mesmerised by the combination of tastings, tours, beaches, walks, ceilidhs, sunsets and sunrises. There truly is something here for everyone, and the feeling of this one big party of people gathered all for the love of the island and its whisky has to be seen to be believed.