DAY 09, 1st August - Loch Lomond & Clyde Sea Lochs

On day 9 of Mark Beaumont’s Wild About Argyll challenge the adventures continued! He explored the area around the Clyde Sea Lochs and Loch Lomond. He mountain bike the Three Lochs Way to Helensburgh, cycled the John Muir Way to Arden and then cycled the West Loch Lomond Cycle Path to Luss. Then it was into the chilly waters of Loch Lomond for a wild swim. Oh, and he also ran up the Cobbler!

Here's Mark's blog about day 9:

'Running up the Cobbler in 57 minutes doesn't break any records, but at the end of day 9 of Wild About Argyll I was still pleased!

The day had started at a much more leisurely pace as it's hard to be in a rush in a Canadian canoe paddling against the tide down Loch Long. For a few hours I watched the world passing slowly and soaked up the sunshine. Back on dry land for a few hours I was joined by Neil Colquhoun from Lodge on Loch Lomond to mountain bike up Glen Douglas on the 3 Lochs Way to the stunning Hill House in Helensburgh, by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

A quick dash up to near Luss and I dived in for a swim out to Inchtavannach Island. I do love wild swimming but am somewhat out of practice and it really is something you need to do regularly - so found this one of the toughest challenges yet!

With such a perfect evening ahead we decided to bring forwards plans to climb the Cobbler from day 10. My crew from Morrocco Media and Finalcrux Films were excited to film in the late evening light. It didn't disappoint and I had a full hour on the summit alone before they arrived lugging their heavy cameras! An hour to soak up the staggering views as far as the Paps of Jura, Ben More in Mull, Goatfell on Arran, Stuc a-Chroin by Lochearn and up past Crianlarach.

'Threading the needle' felt like the summit of Argyll! And from there it was a 34-minute speedy run down the mountain in time for a fish supper in Arrochar!'