Failte gu Alba | Welcome to Scotland

Gaelic, is the language native to Scotland and has been spoken in Argyll since the 5th century when Irish Gaelic speakers settled in the area. Historically, it was the common language of the ancient Kingdom of Dalriada, whose Iron Age fort was situated at Dunadd near Kilmartin Glen.

Gaelic culture was important to the Lords of the Isles who sat at Finlaggan on Islay up until 1493. In modern times, Scottish Gaelic thrives within heartland communities and plays a significant role in enriching the visitor experience through a wealth of Gaelic songs, choirs, music and events across Argyll & the Isles.

Today you can see the Gaelic language on road signs across the region, hear it on radio and television, or by locals chatting in pubs!

Gaelic is still spoken by around Scots, but many more embrace the rich heritage of traditional music, bagpiping and cultural experiences, such as ceilidhs.

Lismore Gaelic Heritage Centre