The Heart & Soul of Scotland - Glasgow & Argyll

Take My Hand - EVO

'Take My Hand' is the second single from Skerryvore's latest album EVO, and the soundtrack for our latest marketing campaign: Glasgow & Argyll - The Heart & Soul of Scotland.

Skerryvore’s journey from the island of Tiree to one of the best live bands in Scotland embodies the evolution of musical talent that interchanges between Glasgow & Argyll, on Scotland's west coast. 

We are thrilled to benefit from the support of the award winning band, and hope this film inspires you to embark on journeys between Glasgow & Argyll.

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Here we both stand
The moon and the stars light the dancefloor
All that we need
Is here in the still of the night
All of the words
Could never describe the wonder
The feeling of peace
When everything is just right

Here we both stand
Longing to hold one another
Never to end
Wrapped in the sweet summer air
Wishing that we
Could stay in this moment forever
Into the night
Young, pure and free

Take my hand
And we’ll go dancing
Underneath the stars
On a beach that’s only ours
Take my hand
And we’ll go dancing
In the shadow of the moon
Take my hand, take my hand

When we were young
The summer would seem so long
And we’d sing our favourite song
We heard it on the radio
It was long ago
An endless light
And laughter until the dawn
A time when our dreams were born
Paved the way for all we have
And all we need

A summer sky
Its beauty was no surprise
Our love was in your eyes
I knew at once when you looked at me
You were all I could see
A slow dance
As you placed your hand in mine
There was never a better time
Moving to this ancient
Haunting melody