Kayaking & Canoeing Scotland's Adventure Coast

Kayak Scotland's Adventure Coast with Scotland's first official sea kayaking trail, which hugs the shores of Argyll starting (or finishing) at Ganavan Bay, north of Oban and travelling 150km to Helensburgh on the banks of the Clyde.

The trail can be tackled as a week-long adventure or in stages. And equally, each of the launch points can be used as a base for a there-and-back outing. Each launch point has excellent facilities for parking and gaining access to the water and also has an information panel with all details you need to paddle from that point. For example, some stretches near Crinan have tidal activity you need to be aware of.

All the coastline, 3750km plus, can readily be explored by sea kayak, but knowing the weather and tidal activity is key to planning any adventure. There are a number of kayak businesses to rent you equipment or take you on a tour, so if you aren't as familiar with these waters, then get booking.


Canadian Canoes are great fun on open waters and rivers. There are canoe hire places at key locations and scope to go on canoe safaris with tour guides.

Whitewater rafting

The River Orchy in North Argyll is one of Scotland's best rivers for white water kayaking in the right conditions. Definitely one for the experienced kayaker - there is much fun to be had. Always check conditions in advance and do seek out someone who knows the waters for your first time on the river. The usual place to start is to park near the Bridge of Orchy Hotel and paddle downstream.

A truly unique whitewater kayak adventure is to ride the tidal wave at the Falls of Lora under Connell Bridge. It doesn't happen often, but when the tide and other conditions are right, this is truly spectacular white water rafting to watch - and if skilled enough, to take part in.


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