Packrafting Scotland's Adventure Coast

Not many people are aware that packrafting exists! And we think you'll love it as soon as you know more!

Packrafting is an inflatable reinforced kayak you can carry on your back, or on your bike, to help you cross waterways as part of a longer journey and adventure. Or you can use it to explore really remote lochs and rivers which you can't easily access with a rigid canoe or kayak needing a vehicle to get you close to the waterside.

The inflated packraft lets you paddle on the water, along with your bike loaded on top. You just need a little skill on how best to balance your bike.

Packrafting is the ultimate 'Pedadding people powered adventure'!


Packrafting Adventures

Jenny Graham and Manon Lloyd's Packrafting Adventure

Jenny Graham took Manon Lloyd on her first packrafting experience with Global Cycling Network. They started at Taynuilt train station and ended up on Lismore! Watch their adventure and see how tempted you are to get out there and do the same!

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