Standing Stones on Gigha

Standing Stones on Gigha

The oldest monolith in Gigha today is probably that which stands forgotten near the farmhouse of Kinererach to the north of the island. It rises on the edge of the original road, where it is almost invisible in the field in which the farmhouse stands. Little remains but a stump. It has been reduced to a height of five feet, with a width of three feet and is somewhat oval in section; but the stump itself is broken, so that the shape is now rather that of a low seat with a back.

On the east side of the road, about 200 yards north east of Tarbert Farmhouse, on the narrow isthmus between the two bays, can be found The Stone of Tarbert - Carragh an Tairbeirt. It is 71/2 feet high, 34 inches across, 15 inches thick at the north edge and 9 inches at the south. The head of the stone is curiously shaped like a mittened hand held upright with the thumb slightly apart. It is not known the exact reason why this Standing Stone was originally erected, although there has been much speculation.

Just to the south of Tarbert (this names appears throughout the West of Scotland and means neck of land, over which to drag a boat), lies the site of another ancient 'chapel' with the battered remains of a standing cross to mark it. Fifty yards from it is the Holy Stone, bearing primitive cross-like and other incised markings. The theory is that it is pagan in origin, but became a preaching stone in later Christian times.

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