St Conan’s Kirk

St Conan’s Kirk

Sitting on the banks of Loch Awe near Oban, Saint Conan’s Kirk is a fantastic place to visit. This enchanting kirk is steeped in a family history, unconventional approaches to design and magical stories.

The original St Conan's Kirk was built between 1881 and 1886 by Walter Campbell and comprised the nave and part of the choir of the later church that visitors see today. In 1907 he began work on a much more ambitious church. The new St Conan's Kirk was first used for worship in 1930. Neither conventional nor slavishly representative of any particular type of architecture, Campbell took ideas and designs from different places and periods and produced something remarkable.

Don’t miss the Cloister Garth. This miniature cloister, once a common feature before the dissolution of the monasteries, is a real gem. From the cloister you can pass through a lovely arch to the north aisle of the kirk, and from there to the nave and the chancel. The details are wonderful. Check out the Bruce Chapel, where there’s a larger than life sized effigy of Robert the Bruce. 

Take a walk to the upper level of the gardens that extend to Loch Awe.There ar stunning views of Loch Awe and you also get a good view of St Conan's south side, with a mixture of spires, towers, turrets and carvings.

St Conan’s Kirk is open throughout the year. Summer 9am – 6pm; Winter 9am – 5pm.

The Friend’s of Saint Conan’s Kirk are keen to provide tours to individuals or groups interested in the history of the Kirk and all of its detailed and intriguing history. If you are planning to visit Loch Awe or Saint Conan’s Kirk, please call 01838 200210 to arrange a tour.

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