Read Ewan and Fiona's journal update about their island travels

Ewan and Fiona cover stunning three islands

Day 1: Arrival on Coll

We set off from Oban this morning with clear skies and calm seas - what a great start to the trip! The ferry crossing was fun, with fresh sea air and beautiful views of the surrounding islands. Arriving in Arinagour, Coll immediately got us excited for the trip ahead as we took in the mix of rugged landscapes and friendly locals.

After settling into a cozy bed and breakfast, we wandered through the village. The mix of rocky shores and rolling hills was even more beautiful than we were expecting. We stopped off for a delicious seafood lunch at a local café, where the owner shared tips on the best birdwatching and sketching spots - added to our 'to do' list!

The afternoon was spent at the RSPB Coll Nature Reserve. Ewan was in his element, binoculars in hand, identifying various bird species and sharing their stories with me. I managed to sketch a few birds and the landscape. We ended the day with dinner at our B&B, sharing stories and laughs before falling asleep, ready for tomorrow’s adventures.

Day 2: Exploring Coll

We woke up to another beautiful day and decided to hike to Hogh Bay. The trail took us through heather-covered moorland and along the rugged coast - each turn surprising us with a different view. Ewan pointed out various plants and wildlife, while I took countless photos and made sketches. Both happy in our own ways!

We enjoyed a picnic lunch on the beach - what a treat with the sound of the waves crashing around us. Ewan was on the lookout for seabirds while I sketched away, trying to do the coastline justice. In the afternoon, we visited a local pottery studio. It was great just having a chat with the artist and learning why she loved creating her work. We bought a few as souvenirs to remind us of Coll’s charm - and a few gifts for the family too, of course!

After dinner, we took a stroll along the coast - so lucky to get a cracking sunset. We could've been anywhere in the world - Scotland is stunning in summer nights! It was a perfect end to our day.

Day 3: Ferry to Tiree

Today, we caught the morning ferry to Tiree. Our expectation was lots of stunning beaches and a laid-back vibe. The journey was short but lovely - meaning more time on the island. Tiree greeted us with just what we thought; wide-open skies and beautiful beaches. After a quick check-in to our guesthouse, we headed out to explore.

Balephetrish Bay was our first stop, with its white sandy beach and turquoise waters. Ewan explored the dunes and spotted birds, while I settled down with my sketchbook and watercolors to 'attempt' to capture the scene. After a delightful lunch at a beachside café, we decided to try surfing - why not we thought! We booked to hire equipment before we arrived and hoped the weather would allow us to at least try it! It was brilliant! Even though we spent more time falling off our boards than riding waves. We laughed a lot, maybe more than we actually surfed!

We spent the evening at Gott Bay, another stunning beach with another summer sunset.

Day 4: Exploring Tiree

Our hike to the Ringing Stone was a highlight. The stone, a large boulder that rings when struck, fascinated us. Ewan explained the island's geological history which he had read up on last night. We enjoyed another picnic, this time at Soroby Beach. It was so quiet and still - the  setting was perfect for relaxing and and just unwinding. I sketched the flora... could be a nice print to hang up when we get home!

In the afternoon, we visited the Skerryvore Lighthouse Museum. Learning about the history of the lighthouse and its keepers was really interesting. Ewan took notes and I found inspiration for a new series of illustrations. We ended the day with a traditional Scottish dinner and just chatting with the locals.

Day 5: Colonsay Adventure

We took the early ferry to Colonsay, excited to explore the island's historic sites and botanical gardens.

The Gardens were a highlight of our trip. The variety of plants and flowers was incredible. Ewan was particularly interested in the conservation efforts, while I gathered endless inspiration for my sketches. We had a delicious lunch at the Colonsay Hotel.

Kiloran Bay was stunning. Another beach with golden sands and clear waters - just like paradise! We spent a quiet evening at our guesthouse, chatting about what we loved most about the trip. And of course agreeing that we need to come back or see more islands!

Day 6: Farewell to the Islands

Our last morning on the islands was bittersweet. We took a final walk along the beach, not forgetting a few selfies to send back home with the usual 'Wish you were here' message!

Boarding the ferry back to the mainland, we felt a mix of sadness to leave but excited to book another trip! These islands will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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The most westerly island of the Inner Hebrides, Tiree is one of the sunniest places in the UK, with white sandy beaches, known for its fertile soils and crofting heritage.

Windsurfing Tiree

Coll’s beaches, meadows and moors provide a home for a wealth of flora and fauna. Bird watchers are in for a real treat. Coll is one of the best places in the UK for star gazing. 

COLL Credit Ewan Miles Nightscape Photography For Coll Dark Sky Group

Colonsay is famed for its tranquillity, unspoilt beauty and sandy beaches. 

Kiloran Bay Colonsay