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Wilder Ways

Horse Riding activities & holidays

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​Our Riding Holidays showcase what Wilder Ways is about. They are designed to provide a fulfilling and exhilarating adventure, allowing us to get even further into the wilds and off the beaten track, and enabling you to experience more diverse terrain and obstacles.  It gives you time to build a rapport with your horse, us and the other riders in the group. Ultimately we feel this makes for an immersive experience which allows you to enjoy being on holiday. We hope you'll get so absorbed in what you are doing that you won’t want to leave.

In 2023 our holidays are split into 2 main types. Our Extreme Adventures and our Wilderness JourneysOur Extreme Adventures are designed for experienced riders with a strong appetite for epic adventures.  They are not for the faint hearted! By contrast our Wilderness Journeys are at a more inclusive pace. These are still set within epic scenery and have opportunities for a canter or gallop for those who wish, but also provide a safe space for those who like a more leisurely pace.  For all our holidays, as a minimum you must be confident and competent at rising trot.