Ringing Stone and Dun Mor Broch

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Tiree’s Ringing Stone is situated between Balephetrish and Vaul. This large boulder balances on other rocks like an egg on a spoon and emits a metallic ring when struck gently. It has a number cup-marked indentations thought to have been carved up to 4,500 years ago by the Beaker People. According to island folklore, it was thrown by a giant from Mull, and should it ever be removed from Tiree the island will sink into the sea and be lost forever. Nearby you’ll find the broch of Dun Mor, which was built in 60AD as an emergency refuge against raids. The parallel walls enclosing chambers and a corridor around the open circular centre are well preserved to a height of 2m or so. Head east and you’ll reach the flat-topped mound of Dun Beag. There isn’t much to see of the remains of this old fort, but the views are stunning. An excellent circular walk on the Walk Highlands website takes in all three features.