The Kintyre 66


The Kintyre 66 (K66) is an exciting new route that will help you discover one of Scotland’s most scenic regions, and what so inspired Sir Paul McCartney all those years ago. With its pristine natural setting, unique coastal character and rich history, you ‘ll never run out of things to do in Kintyre and Gigha. Dine on the freshest seafood and savour some of the world’s most famous Scotch whiskies.

Be spellbound by the region’s magnificent wildlife. Sail into secluded anchorages and watch the night sky glitter. Kayak in turquoise waters and walk in the wilderness. Marvel at early standing stones and visit castles of the famous clans.

The Kintyre 66 follows a 66 mile loop around Kintyre on the A83 and B842 public roads, with 6 spurs allowing you to venture even further. Take the Atlantic road south with stunning views to Islay and Jura, and then up the edge of the Kilbrannan Sound overlooking Arran, or why not travel in the other direction, taking time to enjoy all the area has to offer—the choice is yours!

The K66 helps to highlight 6 areas in Kintyre with information on Southend & Machrihanish, Campbeltown, East Kintyre, West Kintyre, Gigha and Tarbert.

This exciting project will launch in Jan 2021 and any visitors or businesses wishing to know more about the project or how to get involved can email or phone 01586 552034. 

Sunset over Jura

View from Tangy in West Kintyre towards Jura

View from Machrihanish in South Kintyre

Dunaverty Bay with Ireland across the sea in South Kintyre

Saddell Castle with Antony Gormley Sculpture in East Kintyre

Twin Beaches on the Isle of Gigha

Davaar Island in Campbeltown Loch

Tarbert in North Kintyre


Thanks to Raymond Hosie for the use of his images.

Thanks to Janet West for the use of her image of Tarbert.

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