Ostel Bay

Ostel Bay

This crescent-shaped sweep of golden sand is the jewel in the crown of Argyll’s Secret Coast, and is a perfect spot for a dip. 

Cycle in or park your car in the lay-by at Kilbride Farm, then take the fifteen-minute walk past rolling farmland, through twisted woods, and across springy machair.  For a longer stroll, try walking from Millhouse.  However you decide to get there, a climb over the dunes will reveal the beach stretching out ahead of you, with Arran on the horizon. 

On a sunny day it’s a fabulous place to paddle and swim. It’s quite shallow for a long way out and, if you wait until the tide has come in over the sand, the water will be that little bit warmer for you. 

Once you're back on dry land, there’s plenty of room for sunbathing, or a game of rounders or football once the tide goes out again.

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