The Beach Hunt Trail

Immerse your senses 'Above & Below' in Argyll

Pebbly shores and sandy beaches with rockpools are the order of the day at our Beach Hunts sites. Our shores are some of the best places to get close to wildlife; whether anemones in rock pools, limpets on rocks or crabs scuttling along the sand. It’s best to observe these wonderful species in their natural habitats. When exploring Argyll’s beaches please consider your potential impact on the environment and respect local guidance.

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Tips for a successful hunt

  • If you pick anything up, please return them quickly to the spot that you found them in, it is against the law to remove pebbles and sand from beaches in the UK. Coastal habitats can be fragile and are easily damaged.
  • Check the local tide time tables and aim for an hour before low tide to give you a couple of hours to explore – do research in advance to understand what happens when the tide comes in so you don’t accidentally get cut off.
  • Keep an eye on what is happening with the tides each day – the tides move on by roughly 50 mins each day so low tide one day will be just under an hour later the next day.
  • Bring a bucket and spade and either wear wellies or better still just have bare feet – you’ll want to get in the water.
  • Whilst it is not unlawful to remove shells and driftwood, these can provide habitats for many sea creatures, so it’s best to leave them behind.

Please pick up after your dogs, and don’t allow them to harass any wildlife. While it might be fun for them or even your children to chase flocks of birds, this is actually making the birds use up stores of energy they need to search for food and raise their young.

Know the Scottish Outdoor Access Code before you go. Please follow any local guidance aimed at reducing dune or machair erosion or avoiding disturbance of nesting birds.


Spending some time at the beach? Make a day of it by visiting one of our exceptional Sunset sites.

Check out our downloadable Above & Below Map and Guide or use our interactive map below >

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Immerse yourself in the experience

Have fun and enjoy using all of your senses to appreciate these amazing spaces. Taste the salt in the air, look closely at the patterns on a shell, smell some seaweed, close your eyes and enjoy the sound of shingle crunching under your feet, the sound of the waves or seabirds, and the feel of the wind on your face or sand between your toes!

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Ganavan Sands

Ganavan Sands has much to offer at all times of day. After a day of splashing in the water, or studying the strandline you can watch the sunset behind Mull...

PA34 5TB

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Tralee Bay

A popular beach - sandy at one end with sand dunes and shingle at the other. Ideal for sunset strolls.

PA37 1QR

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SAMS Beach (Camas Rubha na Liathaig)

The horseshoe bay which lies adjacent to the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) in Dunbeg is called Camas Rubha na Liathaig but many locals like...

Scottish Association for Marine Science, Dunbeg, Oban
PA37 1QA

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Garbh beaches

These back-to-back beaches connect Eilean Garbh to Gigha. A great spot to enjoy sunsets.


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Port Ban

West facing Cretshengan Bay offers perfect sunsets behind the silhouette of the Paps of Jura.

Port Ban Holiday Park
PA29 6YD

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Asknish Bay (Loch Melfort Hotel)

Stroll down to the shore, or enjoy the sunset over the islands from the hotel deck.

Arduaine Gardens, A816, Arduaine, Oban
PA34 4XG

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White Shore

A secluded beach made of crushed shells and pebbles, nestled amongst ancient woodland.


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Village Bay

This site is part of Seawidling's seagrass restoration project. Lush seagrass provides safe nurseries for many species of fish and shellfish, as well as sequ...

Craignish Village Hall
Ardfern/Loch Craignish
PA31 8QN

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Cuil Bay

A wide bay popular with locals and visitors.

PA38 4DA

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Wee Ganavan (Camas Bàn)

A beautiful small beach facing west with views towards Mull. Look for butterfish , shannies and hermit crabs in rockpools at low tide.


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Take a sunset walk around historic Ellenabeich as the sun disappears in the Firth of Lorn.

PA34 4RE

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