The Sunset Trail

Immerse your senses 'Above & Below' in Argyll

There’s a good chance that just by looking west at the right time of day and in the right weather conditions, you’ll catch a fantastic sunset in Argyll. But some locations can elevate the spectacle to the
next level. Our Sunset sites offer silhouetted islands and headlands, castles and ruins, reflective waters and perhaps a nearby pub to warm up in afterwards!

Pay attention to the time of year to catch the best sunsets. In mid-summer the sun doesn’t set in Argyll until well after 10pm, whereas in mid-winter it sets before 4pm, and therefore also sets at different points throughout the year. Make the most of the golden hour – the hour before the sun actually sets (and after it rises) as this is when the light conditions are perfect for photography. Arrive early and do stay after as the light can be incredible just after the sun has set.

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Great tips to capture that special moment

  • Find somewhere to prop your phone or camera so it is as stable as possible – use a rock or something you have with you - or ideally use a mini grip tripod.
  • Clean the camera lens with a lens cloth and if possibly shield the camera with your hand to minimise lens flare.
  • Look out for some light clouds – ideally wispy or fluffy as they can really pick up the sunset colours. Dense clouds on the horizon could mean the sun simply disappears behind them and doesn’t set.
  • Think about a silhouette in the foreground – a ruin, a plant, a person – and reflections over water.
  • Look out for stunning sunset images taken by local photographers and search out that location and try your hand at similar compositions.
Looking for an extra special sunset experience?

Take a look at our directory of businesses and organisations who can help make your evening exceptional.

Know the Scottish Outdoor Access Code before you go.

Dark Skies

Missed the sunset? Why not check out our Dark Skies sites and directory?

Check out our downloadable Above & Below Map and Guide or use our interactive map below >

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Tarbert Castle

Climb the steep path to the 13th century castle to enjoy sunset views towards West Loch Tarbert.

PA29 6UD

Background image - dunaverty_sunset_2.jpg
Bellanoch Viewpoint

A short walk up a gentle incline will bring you to this viewpoint, offering views of the Mòine Mhór, Dunadd and Kilmartin Gle and transport you to the neolit...

PA31 8SN

Background image - dunaverty_sunset_2.jpg
McCaig's Tower

Climb through Oban to the town's iconic landmark. Views west are of Oban bay, Kerrera and the Sound of Mull.

Duncraggan Rd, Oban
PA34 5DP

Background image - dunaverty_sunset_2.jpg
Ganavan Sands

Ganavan Sands has much to offer at all times of day. After a day of splashing in the water, or studying the strandline you can watch the sunset behind Mull...

PA34 5TB

Background image - dunaverty_sunset_2.jpg
Taynish Piggery

The palatial former piggery of Taynish House is an interesting curiosity in itself, and a fantastic spot to enjoy quiet sunset views of the Linne Mhuirich an...

Taynish Nature Reserve
PA31 8PW

Background image - dunaverty_sunset_2.jpg
Port Ban

West facing Cretshengan Bay offers perfect sunsets behind the silhouette of the Paps of Jura.

Port Ban Holiday Park
PA29 6YD

Background image - dunaverty_sunset_2.jpg
Crinan Basin

Watch the sunset reflected in the strong currents of the Dorus Mhor in historic Crinan.

PA31 8SR

Background image - dunaverty_sunset_2.jpg
Tralee Bay

A popular beach - sandy at one end with sand dunes and shingle at the other. Ideal for sunset strolls.

PA37 1QR

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