Wild Swimming Scotland's Adventure Coast

Wild swimming Scotland's Adventure Coast is an immersive experience like no other. Are you ready to try?

If lockdown has proven one thing, it's that wild swimming is beneficial for our mental and physical health. With more and more people of all ages, taking part in a cold water swim, or even a quick dip, it's clear to see its enjoyable too!

Take your pick for a quick dip

Whether you are a 'bobber' happy to just get in the water and bob around, or are keen to power through the waves, there are numerous sheltered bays and beaches where you can get access. We recommend wearing swim shoes as there can be barnacles and slippy rocks, and please also use a swim float so you can be spotted easily on the water.

Here in Argyll we have a number of local groups who swim together and we will soon be sharing contact details for those happy for visitors to join them and also ask for local advice and insight.


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Safety first for the best experience

Take time to understand any currents or rip tides before choosing your spot and getting in the water. And a top tip will be to get a mask or pair of goggles and look beneath the waves, you'll be amazed at just what you'll see above and below in our world class west coast waters. 

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